Gymnastics for Everyone

Does your child want to be a little ninja? Bring your son or daughter to our ninja facility! Our obstacle courses and warped wall will help children learn how to jump, twist, flip, climb and land in a safe environment. Our ninja instructors will teach your child new skills as they develop coordination and air awareness. Exercise has never been so fun!

We offer gymnastics classes for a wide range of ages. Learning how to jump and flip in various body shapes is a huge accomplishment! Our state-of-the-art gymnastics equipment will allow your child to develop strength, skills, and coordination to carry into many other physical activities. Gymnastics also teaches resilience and courage! Our instructors will work diligently to provide a safe learning environment. You’ll be so excited when your child learns their first handstand!

Come as you are! No gymnastics experience needed! Our Adult Gymnastics class caters to every age and skill level. Our instructor will help you meet your personal goals. You can be proud to walk across the high beam, become strong enough to do a pull up or handstand, or even relive your glory days (safely, of course). The class will be structured while also allowing freedom to use the space and equipment as it best suits your skill level. Come learn something new!

Tumbling classes are offered to all skill levels, beginning at age 7. These classes are catered to individuals who want to focus solely on their tumbling skills. Participants can utilize the foam pit, trampoline, and spring floor. Cheerleaders can often benefit from taking a tumbling class! This is also a great place for kids who are a bit older with no prior gymnastics experience who just want to learn a smaller aspect of the sport. Tumbling is fantastic exercise and still teaches body awareness, safe landings, resiliency, and courage!

Gymnastics and Ninja Pricing:

30 minute class- $72/mo
45 minute class- $75/mo
60 minute class- $78/mo
90 minute class- $86/mo

*$25 one-time registration fee for non-CSW members
*Discounts for siblings and CSW members.
*Monthly rate is based on 1 class/week or 4 classes/month.
*Duration of class is dependent on age and skill level.

Drop-in Rates:
Adult Gymnastics- $22
Open Gym- $25


Picking the right program can be overwhelming. Let us help you!