Youth & Junior Tennis Programs

Class Schedule: Mon-Wed 5:00-5:30 pm


Premier 5 (Red Ball, ages 4-5): P5 is the starting point of our youth pathway. It is for the development of essential motor skills, movement, and tracking skills. Each drill is designed to improve a child’s physical development with the objective to prepare the child to adjust to a moving ball, make contact and direct the ball.

Class Schedule: Tue-Thurs 5:00-6:00 pm


Premier 4 (Orange Ball, ages 6+): P4 focuses on getting the kids rallying as soon as possible, through introduction to different styles of play from the start. Your kids will gain confidence by seeing their own immediate progress, becoming more enthusiastic about continuing to play and improve. There is a focus on learning to control a 4-ball rally, the continuation motor skills development, and ball tracking skills are primary objectives for this program.

Class Schedule: Mon-Wed 5:00-6:30 pm


Premier 3 (Orange Ball, ages 8+): P3 emphasizes improvement of a 4-ball rally and students are introduced to point play using simplified to advanced scoring formats. Spatial awareness & development of tactical concepts are introduced in this class. The class objective is to continue to improve rallying while gaining an awareness of point play.

Class Schedule: Tue-Thur 5:00-6:30 pm


Premier 2 (Green Ball, ages 10+):  P2 is for players who can rally, serve and keep score. Stroke technique for the ground strokes, the volleys, and the serve are emphasized while engaging in point play. These players should be actively engaging in match play through leagues, tournaments and CSW supervised match play. Enjoyment of competition is emphasized. 

Class Schedule: Mon-Wed 6:30-8:00 pm


Premier 1 (Yellow Ball, ages 12+):  P1 is for players who are practicing and playing competitively.  Their goals focus most directly for playing High School, USTA, and UTR match play. Point play is emphasized for both singles and doubles with the goal being the application of strategies and techniques in their matches.  

Class Schedule: Tue-Thur 6:30-8:00 pm

High Performance (Tournament Experience Required, Pro Admittance): Participants are individuals who set high goals for themselves. The achievement of these athletes’ potential requires each player to perform every practice at a high level of intensity. The majority of the drills will be live ball and involve specific techniques or point situations. Since training will be team-oriented, players must be prepared to give their best for they are responsible for their individual improvement as well as accountable to the success of the entire group. Successful players in this group will be self-motivated to improve their game.  

Class admittance to all classes fall to Pro Discretion

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