Our brand-new cardio and weight training equipment (including free weights) ensures you’ll find all that you need to get in a quality workout. The exercise area also includes a dedicated space for Stretching, as well as a small area of turf for drills and sports conditioning.

Group Exercise Classes are free to all members as part of their basic membership. Check out the schedule for classes such as cycling, yoga, high-intensity interval training, and low-impact strength and flexibility.


High-Intensity Impact Training or HIIT is one of the most efficient ways to improve your performance and
promises the best workout in the least amount of time. This class incorporates strength and
conditioning to make it a comprehensive workout for meeting your fitness goals.


HIIT + Abs
High-Intensity Impact Training (HIIT) plus an ab workout equals your opportunity to improve endurance
and strength in a 45-minute class. Come ready to sweat and leave exhilarated and pumped for the day.


Burn fat, build muscle, and increase fitness with this challenging workout that will improve your cardio
and respiratory fitness while strengthening and toning.


Functional Fitness
This is a challenging, low-impact, high-energy class that incorporates strength, core, and balance training
while elevating core temperature and heart rate. An emphasis on proper form prevents injury and
encourages solid dynamic alignment.


Dynamic Stretch & amp; Core
Fluid movements prepare and warm the body for progressive stretches. This encourages the muscles to
fully yield to the strong forces, allowing them to lengthen over time.


Barre and Core
Low impact, strategically-targeted isometric exercises using bands and dumbbells that will leave you
feeling tighter and fit. Class incorporates some Pilates and strength moves.


Cardio Kickboxing
Jab, hook, and kick … oh my! Get fit while having fun doing this challenging, non-contact workout. This
high energy workout can burn up to 450 calories an hour by elevating your heart rate and conditioning
your body.


Tabata HIIT
Timed intervals that will encourage you to work to your extreme fitness potential.


Cross Fusion
Combining strength, cardio, and flexibility, this includes a variety of fitness training modalities for a full
body challenge.


Circuit / Interval Training / Boot Camp
You won’t be bored in these circuit-style classes. Your heart rate will elevate as you burn calories moving
through quick-paced stations.


Body Sculpt
Strength, sculpt and tone for a total body workout. The class utilizes dumbbells, resistance bands, body
weight, and barbells to strengthen and tone all major muscle groups through lower weight/higher rep exercise.


Bring in your best attitude for a fitness challenge of cardio and endurance. INTENSE is a high-energy
workout that incorporates plyometrics and dance executed in intervals with very little recovery. This
class is advanced! (Don’t forget to bring a towel and water.)


Yoga Flow
Focus on your breathing, balance, and posture and leave feeling refreshed. All fitness levels welcome.


“Anything Goes”
Friday at 11:00 is the new Happy Hour at CSW! Pop in for a fun variety of classes such as body pump,
step aerobics, Pilates, and hip hop taught by different instructors.

For an elevated fitness training experience, consider working with one of CSW’s certified personal trainers. They will give you that push you need to meet your health and wellness goals by holding you accountable and helping you guard against injury and fatigue. Prior to the beginning of your personal training, our trainers will conduct a free fitness assessment, record your starting point, and help you define short- and long-term goals. They will also be on hand to celebrate your successes!


Customize your sessions by defining length and how often each week – or bring a friend and reach your goals together. CSW offers several coaching packages for fitness, one-on-one boxing, stretching & mobility, health & wellness, and lifestyle.


All training sessions are purchased via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) re-occurring monthly. A minimum 14-day notice must be given in advance to cancel the monthly EFT. Training sessions must be canceled at least 12 hours in advance or the session will be forfeited; however specific accommodations made in advance with your trainer will supersede the 12-hour cancellation policy. Training sessions may only take place on the property grounds of CSW. CSW reserves the right to cancel training contracts at any time without notice.

Group Cycling
Challenge yourself in this 45-minute cardio cycling class. We use “Coach-by-Color” where you can track your personal Functional Threshold Power (FTP) and watch your performance increase over time in an energetic and fun environment.


Cycle / Strength
20 minutes of cycling class followed by 20 minutes of strength conditioning for a total body workout.


Cycle Basics
An intro to cycling. Learn the basics such as proper bike set-up, form and breathing and Coach-by-Color metrics. Everyone works out at their own level in a judge-free environment. Challenge yourself in this 45-minute cardio cycling class. We use “Coach-by-color” where you can track your personal Functional Threshold Power (FTP) and watch your performance increase over time in an
energetic and fun environment.


In partnership with Community Hospital, we also offer specialized programs and classes to promote a healthy lifestyle while providing quality educational programming focused on living a full and healthy life.

Special Classes

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