Obstacle Warrior

Obstacle Warrior video by Jini Morgan


You Belong In Our Fusion Family…

Strong athletes are built on… STRONG FOUNDATIONS

Join us for an exciting new strength and condition program designed for the athlete who wants to build confidence, strength and a strong foundation of ethics.

“I’m going to push these kids to their limits. I want them to know just how strong they are. I want to build the athlete from the inside out.” -Coach Derek

  • Week 1

    -Push Ups
    -Sit Ups
    -Rope Climb
    -Center of Gravity
    -Obstacle Course

  • Level 1

    -Up and Overs
    -Pit Work
    -Agility Training

  • Week 3

    -Rope Swing
    -Agility Training
    -Cross Run
    -Obstacle Course

  • Week 4

    -Side Steps
    -High Jumps
    -Warp Wall
    -Core Work

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