Jordan Moss

Jordan graduated from Ball State University with a Bachelors in Biology, a Masters in Gerontology, and a Masters in Wellness Management. He currently works as the Delaware County Program Coordinator for the Tobacco Free Coalition. 

He grew up learning gymnastics, then became a Ball State cheerleader during his last years at BSU and competed at nationals all three years. During the 2015-2016 NFL season, he was a part of the Colts Blue Stampede team before they ended the program. Afterwards, Jordan began working with a Cheer and Dance facility in the evenings for 2 years coaching gymnastics and cheerleading. He became an assistant cheerleading coach for a local high school after relocating for a new full time job. As that became harder to work around his schedule, he had to resign after only one season. In the off times, Jordan has been a judge for cheerleading competitions, assisted with team tryouts, and hosted cheer clinics for schools around the area. 

Fun Fact: Jordan has ridden rides at Disney World at 2:00am.