Bryant Beard

My coaching philosophy has always been to adapt my teaching to the unique needs of the individual – it is always learning-focused.  

Through the use of our  PlaySight Smartcourt technology, I simplify high-level instruction of tactic and technique with personalized data that empowers our athletes to play “smarter, then harder”. 

Regardless of age or ability: my commitment is to support  growth through high energy and passionate instruction with the implementation of my four core values: 

Transparency, Trust, Mindfulness, Resilience 


• When we are honest with where we are at, we can focus on moving forward. Transparency is the framework for building trust and leads to a sense of lightness through being open and honest. Allowing transparent communication from my students gives them the freedom to be themselves.


• We can learn to trust our coaches and our teammates, but it is "self-trust" that allows us to transcend. If transparency is the framework for trust, then trust is the framework for confidence. By learning to take risks and tests our limits, opportunities for self-trust, and opportunities of increasing our limits. We trust that we can always learn from what is in front of us.


• We learn to stay present in our moments. Not dwelling on past events, and not focused on the future. Our goals are in front of us, but it is the process and present that receive our focus.

• When we are mindful, we give our attention intentionally, so that we always get more out of less.


• We identify what is in our control, and what is our role in the bigger picture.

• We value problem-solving and continue to become more detail-oriented.

• We embrace our social connections with a team mentality and continue to grow "together".

• We seek to be a survivor and not a victim. We choose to see how situations work for us and not against us.

• We are open to asking for help. We do ask for help.

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